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Interior Design Ideas for Small Hall Stairs Landing | interior design ideas for small spaces | interior design ideas for small condo | Apartment Inte

Ø When space is a concern, a staircase with a landing allows you to create access to upper floors without consuming too much floor space. Traditionally, stair landings connect two perpendicular sections of the stairs and create a 90 degree angle between the two sections of the ladder. Stair landings for stairs little room to add a subtle design element to your home, but other strategies for incorporating additional landing style transform the functional space in a design focal point.

Stair Runners

Ø Stair runners are usually made of woven or braided rugs, carpet extends to the step of the stairway and elevator to protect the stairs to use and add a little color and design of a simple ladder. Riders present a challenge if your stairs have a landing, but the custom of brokers cutting steps can be ordered to fit perfectly around the corner of his landing. Custom-cut runners with built stairs landing mats are an elegant addition to your staircase that gives color and texture, keeping its landing protected from heavy traffic. Choose from traditional designs to the eastern edge of the rope, or go to a more modern design features a bold geometric focused on the landing and extends up and down each section of the ladder.
Wall Decor

Ø If your destination is small, not disorder decorated area at ground level which act as tripping hazards. Instead, keep your designs on the walls surrounding the landing to create a visual decoration without impeding traffic flow. Even small landings often provide ample wall space into two parts at the landing site. If you have a growing collection of trinkets lining the walls with several small floating shelves to act as a display area. Family photos in simple frames in white or black create a home screen around the landing without taking up space. If space is more contemporary, a single frame, large or mixed media collage is a modern alternative to traditional options.
Natural detail

Ø Light small staircase with landings in pots or hanging plants that give a natural touch in an otherwise hard surface industry. If you can sacrifice the floor space, a single potted plant, like a spider or a snake plant, adds a bold green detail for landing. Some small landings are located near a small window, install a planter window box with a line of bright flowers, strong, and the wonders to transform a landing on a sunny addition to your home. If you have no space, no window space, a hanging plant to suspend either the ceiling or from a hook on a nearby wall is an option off the tracks for the inclusion of green areas in their design.

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  1. Hi, nice blog and great ideas. If you are living in a condo you should need a small part of stair and I like the design of 3rd photo. I get an idea how may condo look like. Thanks for sharing those information it is my pleasure to drop by here.


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